Production: Visual Language

Date: 14/02/11


On the whole I am happy more with myself that I was able to complete and to finish this brief to the required standard. The whole brief was to create Digital images that were fit for a purpose and not only to create but to be able to follow a process of development and to be able to document and show this process. The first part of the brief was to really acquire the skills to be able to complete the brief such as inductions and the royal armoires visit, which allowed us to have a go with cameras and to practise with our sketch book. The second part of the Brief was for use to demonstrate our skills and to create things using a creative criterion much like what a customer would have in the actual industry. The third part of the brief was for use to shore our development so the tutors could see our thinking behind our ideas.

The Verdict

This brief has really opened my eyes and made me realise the direction in that my work needs to go, in order for me to become a more productive worker, and also to lower the stress and anxiety I put myself though trying to achieve finished pieces of work by using my weaknesses. I find that I pre Judge my work and the standard that my work is and has to be by comparing it to other peoples work, as it is my work a cannot give a balanced opinion on how good it is/isn’t. As my work is my own, to me it will probably never seem good enough or one hundred percent finished as it needs an outside opinion to really see the finished product. An example of this is I had seen quite a lot of other students previous work that had been digitally painted, and it looked really good and very professional; so I thought I want my work to be that good so I decided to try doing a digital painting. By trying to do this it did not work as I was trying achieve something though one of my weaknesses, which was drawing. As I am not a naturally talented drawer, by trying to copied that particular style just led to me becoming frustrated. I then started to do some image manipulation which I did quite happily in a short period of time, but because I found this easy and I knew how easy it was for me to come up with the image I did not feel it would be seen as artistic, creative or impressive as the other digitally painted work. I then realised that image manipulation is one of my strengths and that my straights are my greatest assists and if I use them I will eventually end up with my own style. When I am doing a piece of work I have to impress myself before I think it will impress anybody else, it is not something I do intentionally but I see myself going into a industries and I always look at my work and question whether it would be good enough for it.

If I were to do any of these units again I would try to keep the brief a little simpler and have realised that it doesn’t take a ridicules amazing piece of work to be impressive or good just as long as it’s original. I would definitely not try an create and develop an idea so much that I know is really getting nowhere, and that an idea that fits the brief and does the job is worth a lot more than soothing amazingly artistic that does not fit the brief or is not finished.



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