Brief 4 Character design examples

Her are some character design sheets from different animations and games.  All characters whether there are for a game or animation all start off at similar points, to start off they all have to have a reason a back storie to who they are and why there are to be developed, this gives the designer key focal points for the character eg. ethnicity, religion and culture.  Once they have these they  are ready to research about these elements in order to apply and develop there character.  Also when designing a character they will need to take into consideration what the is going to be used for as a character for a mobile phone game will not need to be highly detailed as phone are not able to display such detail.


It is quite amazing how a simple sketch or concept can turn into a full animation or 3 dimensional walking taking character, that can portray emotion. Below are example of concept art that go into make a master piece and without this though and development process then it most likely would not have become reality.



Below you are able to see the processes from sketch to final finished work of the main character in Grand Theft Auto 3

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