Studio brief 3 other relevant examples of Digital Photography.

The above images are excellent examples of the use of the Depth of field and how it can be use to change the focal point within the picture. As you can see the first image wants you to look at the clown and see the emotion that he is going though, were as the image below that one wats you to look at the who scenery and look at all its beauty.

example of blurred water taken with slow shutter speed

example of fast shutter speed

The two images above show how the use of shutter speed can be used to create an overall effect on an image when photographing water, with a slow shutter speed you see the river as one free flowing object but when you have a fast shutter speed you can see each individual droplet.

Images are not just the use of depth of field of different techniques and special effects that make and image a good image, an image even the simplest of images can tell a story. They do not tell a physical story they let you imagen an interpret in your own way what is going on, the feelings of the people in the image, thats why they are so special as you will never 100% know the true meanings behin the image so it.

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