Game Theory, Addiction and Immersion.

The implication for someone who works in the industry are very high, as they are working in an industry that is trying to achieve new forms of entertainment, but at the same time having negative effects as well. Does this not apply to anything in society auto-motives were invented for convenience and also help the economy of the country but every day they jeopardise peoples lives. Also cloths are a necessity to keep warm and for practicality but there are many people who become obsessed and get themselves into credit card debt buy more then they need.
Everyone needs some form of entertain ment in there lives to prevent bordom and to make their lives enjoyable, just like people need cloths and a house to live in. The industry needs to play more of a role in helping people identifie what they need to what they think they need; to help them keep in control of there lives. In the way that they are in control of how much entertainment, clothes buying for example they have/do so it is in there financial and social capabilities.
Entertainment has been around for thousands of years it is something that brings pleasure to ones life. Something that pleasures somebody will make that person what more, no one whats to do things in there life that brings them stress, anxiety or anger for instance work. People only do these thing to reep the rewards of pleasure, for example if snowbording brought me pleasure i would have to  work and save up for flight tickets ect. but for someone who is brought pleasure by say an xbox, once the initial games console has been purchased than it is so easy to access that pleasure as it is just the simplicity of pressing the on button. For this pleasure to be so accessible it can be hard for someone to turn the pleasure (xbox) off and return to normal life that can bring stress ect. This can lead to ‘addiction’, young children are especially susceptible to addiction as there is no cost to the pleasure, they dont have to save up to have the pleasure or go out to work to pay for the electricity to run the xbox so the pleasure is just conveniently always there.
With the advances of modern technologie it makes immersion within games easier and more convincing, so that games can not just become addicting because they are fun to play but the person holding the controller can become the person on screen. For some people this allows them to play out their own personal fantasies allowing them to play out there life how they wish it was to be. By doing this they are living there perfect life and would rather spend more time in this life then within there own as they are ‘happer’ there.
For some people they say that other then games consoles ‘they can not find anything else to do’ or this can be understood that they can not find anything else to bring them pleasure. This may be because they do not want to try other things as they feel it may not bring them the pleasure they get from their games console, so the easiest thing to do is not to try at all. As with games consoles apart from the newer kinect it is rather an inactive form of entertainment, for someone with a lazy personality this inactiveness could contribute to there behaviour making it harder for them to stop playing.
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