Future of Personal And Home Entertainment (report)(OUDF105 part 1)

The propose of this report is to investigate and to find out the future trends within the entreatment industry.

Within business there is always a race to develop and advance new technologies to keep profiting from the niches within the consumer market. Mass entertainment has been around for hundreds, one of the most known forms of early mass entertainment was around in the 1600-1700’s with small theaters playing such titles as macbeth.(Shakespeare, 2008)

Since the invention of the radio in the early 1900’s entertainment took on a different form of storie telling and mass entertainment began to grow. Now with professionals dedicating their lives to entertaining through the new media of radio, the race for electronic companies to develop and invent technology for this new niche market of home entertainment then begun. After electronic companies had utilised the market niche with the radio they then turned to entertainment though our visuel senses with the commercil availability of the television. The television has been developed dramatically and the latest development with television is the use of 3d technology, but the question is where can this go from here.

With all technologies they will utilise there maximum potential capabilities, as you can see with Television it first displayed black and white images and as time has gone on it has been developed to be able to display full high definition images, As with the updating of the television to high definition there is only so many time that the quality can be upgraded before our eyes are not capable of seeing the update. When this happens the designers find new ways to develop or integrate other technologies together for new ways of entertainment, this can be seen form the use of internet compatibly televisions and such servicesh as TV on demand, provided by companies such as ITV. (www.Itv.com)

As with all new technology it eventually ends up being  available to use within the home,  but with the use of 3d in the home means that the restriction of only been able to use it whilst wearing the 3d glasses. At the consumer electronic show 2011 Toshiba’s revelled there prototype glasses free 3D 65″ television, also documented on the IGN web site. In relation to the development of technologie the university of Arizona has developed a basic hologram, as this progresses it could be implemented in our future entertainment technology just as 3D is today .

New technologies like 3d that are new to the consumer market means that whilst they are sill in there primitive stages tecnologie companies will most likely have the next product ready for the consumers; but they will Bring slight advances and newer products out gradually to utilise on profits. As Steve Job Mention in a 2007 interview along side Bill Gates,  he calls the pc a digital entertainment hub as he says people predicted the pc world be at the end of its life cycle, but then word processing came about, then digital camera and the internet come about and they needed a base to but all these technologies in. So the Pc is the ultimate future thing that will be advance as it is so diverse in its capabilities and with things like TV on demand and Youtube entertainment is becoming more personal people can watch what they want to watch. So we can see this is the next step in content and with the experiments of holographic this could be the next way to display it.

As we talk about the collaboration of technologies we can see portable technologies becoming more advance so the entertainment doesn’t have to be just at home it can be portable on the train, on a long journey and with the new technologies like the psp and the iphone/ipod touch we have a greater chose of what the entertainment is when we are on the move, it doesn’t seem long till we will be able to watch live football on our phones.

To conclude form the trends that have happened in history companies create a product an if it is popular then they will sell this product, then as this product becomes more popular other companies try to achieve the same thing to profit from the new market niche. Then as both of these two companies now having to share the market profits they try to start improving there product to take the sale off the other company,  as bill gates stated in his interview with CNN he says ‘advances help other advances’ just like it explans in the book Group Genius (Keith Sawyer 2007) about invisible creative collaboration. Both companies go head to head until one of the companies or a company creates something new that takes the sales off the other companies. The question is not where does the future of our current technologies go e.g  Television to Television on demand but what is the next new thing to create a trend. As at this moment in time its about being connected with the rest of the world, entertainment has become more amateur with things like Youtube, so maybe the tecnologies will advance quicker as now the audiences have a more direct control and influence of what is to be the next big thing.


(Shakespeare : The world as a stage, Eminent Lives, 2008)





(http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/12296685  – PSP2)

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