The photo copies main points are :

1. Manga are generally regarded as the equivalent to westen comic books.

2. Japanese Manga has a bigger influence in japan then comics do in the western world .

3.The wide range of manga enshores everyone reads them.

4.The Japanese Manga characters dont look japanese to give the audience a sense of an ‘alternative world’.

5.The child like eyes were influenced by westen animation.

6.Anime is closely related to mana as the japanese anime are base on the stories told by the illustrations of magna.

7.Anime us something called pillow shots, this is were there is a moment of silence before the next action scene.

8.The main shonras of anime are Catastrophic anime wich is bassed on the legacy of the dropping of the atomic bom. Carnivalesque this is about the spirite, and finally nostalgic wich is the transitions of life and the pleasures.

9. The west had little epsosure to anime so it was always associated with sex and violence, this was because the time it was aimed at young men.

10. Some western animation now copy the style of anime, they have now influenced hollywood cinema with with such films as kill bill. The may even be  a prequel and a sequel to kill bill in manga.

11.Cartoons are as old as humanity itself, the first recorded are cave paintings.

Summary of powerpoint:

1.Japan did not gradually seep its way into the west but all at once as a tsunami.

2. In 1851 there was a great art exhibition in london but it did not have any japanese art.

3.From 1600 for 250 years japan was almost completely isolated from the outside world only opening up when the americans wanted to use there ports.

4.In 1867 there was another exhibition that feature japanese art work.

5.woodblock prints were taken back by the westerner as souvenirs.

6. Western artists like van gogh copied the japanese style.

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