With this unit I have to post about things in the industry that interest me, things that would inspire me to work withing the industry. The main area I am particular interested in is film but I would not say I am only interested  in film as i tend to see all the industry as on big art form. I am inspired by anything that has never been done before, or old ideas that are rethought or presented in such a way it just make you stop and take a minuet to appreciate the time and effort that has been put into it. Someone could present to me a new animation it could look amazing, but if its just been put together with no thought it doesn’t interest me one bit, i feel the most amazing pieces of art are the ones that make you think why did i not think of that.

Below is an animation from Pixar its not got amazing special effect or made on a massive budget but it is something that has got a bit of thought behind it, something that i have never seen done before.

This next video is called The Black Hole and I find this interesting as this in the near future could be achieved by me.

One other aspect of film I enjoy watching is film shorts as they all follow a similar style you don’t really know whats going on and there is always a twist at the end, one down side to them is you couldn’t sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch them so when is the right tight to watch a short? on your break? when your ment to be doing work?

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