Getting Help Withing The Film Industry(OUDF105)

As we a progress though our course we grow ever so closer to being released into the film industry, as students leaving university we will need all the help we can get to show us into the right direction. Below I have found some resources that may be use full for anyone trying to take there first steps into the Film industry.

One thing that is difficult to identify is what specific job would be suited to me as there are so many, I personal know I want to work in the Film industry but doing what is what I am not shore of. By reading this but it really put each job in perspective for me and I am shore it would be usefully for other people.


After reading this book I found a very useful website called this is a website that advertise for film crew, the work is most likely to be unpaid  but it will allow you to gain experience and to meet other people from the industry. They send you daily news bulletins of advise of how to find work withing the industry; they help you find crew and to help crew you for films. The website also does something called shooters in the pub, This is were they incurage people who are a part of shooters to go down to a pub in there city to meet and socialist with other members.

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