Immersion Article Summery

The article talks about how film is more to show the actual reality of an event and how games give each person in the audience a role to play withing the game. It discusses how games are more fantasy, in that they give you a chance to experience a fantasy world, if you always wanted to be a formula one driver it is most likely to happen by playing a game. Fantasy meaning that games let you live/act-out a second life, giving you a change to have a little experience of something that would not be possible or practical in your normal every day life. Especially with the new advances in technology game companies are trying to touch upon more of our senses to create a greater depth of immersion; like the article mentions ‘you do not play monopoly because of you obsession with real estate’.

The article also mentions that in a game world you follow a linear path and once you have beaten (completed) the game there is no point in playing as it does not stimulate your senses, but with new advances in technology such as online multilayer and motion sensors such as Kinect there are different elements in the game that are not linear. In the game Call of Dutey multilayer is against real life players that control a virtual character and the actions of a real person are almost unpredictable making the tasks/oppositions moments different every game.

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