Studio Brief 4

Name:                                       (The Shadow – Antagonist)
Physical Description
My character will be tall with a very poor and starving look about him. He will have very skinny legs with a potbelly from being starved, also my character is comes from a war torn environment so there will be some military characteristics about him e.g. gas mast and also a big heavy bag to simulate the burden upon his shoulders. His ethnic appearance will be somewhere from the middle east.
Character Traits
Common character traits that my will communicate will be lots of anger and hatred. My character will be very extreme in his ways very deluded by their opinion not open to negotiation. He will be very down and very sad with not a glisten of hope.

Character Shee

Character Background
My character is from the war torn middle east and is one of the next generation that know not of the start of the war and cannot see the end but only know of the war. They were born into a unstable country were people kill each other every day, all they know or is violence and it is this violence that they have learnt that has helped him survive. He wander and scavenges for food every day, brain wash of the true beginnings of the war and the reasons for the war are not so clear as stories change overtime.As if you are from a country that has nothing, you are starving, people rape and torments your family and someone says they is a better way, they is a way out. That person is going to be so desperate that they will try anything to get out of the situation they are in even if it is wrong. It may be wrong to use but it may only seem far to them as they are on this planet and just trying to survive just like everyone else, survival of the fittest humane or not politically correct wont put food on the table.
Family Background Habits / Vices
Son of an extremist al-QaidaMovement. 

Acts a bit like someone from hills have eyes, slightly more intelligent. 

Always in a state of sadness.

Education Personality
Combat Training, a man only purpose is to fight they know no other purpose. Very dull, rarely speaks more like a visual representation of an emotion then a person.
Likes Dislikes



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