Creative Industries – Film Review – Signs(OUDF105)


M.Night Shyamalan’s



Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) used to be the Reverend of a church in the Bucks Country, Pennsylvania, until he was found to question his faith when his wife passed away in a freak car accident 6 months ago. Waking one morning to find that a 500ft crop circle has appeared in his field he is soon to realise that it is not a prank by local neighbours but maybe his crop circle is related to  other crops circles around the glob involving a world wide invasion.



Most Alien invasion film fanatics will be familiarly with the classic style of the Scifi, aliens  taking over the world type film, well this does not have the generic codes of an alien invasion film. Some of you will be familiar with Independence Day (1996) With all its action and portraying of the classic hero, airborne gun fights; well with signs it takes a little step back from all the action and has a more psychological effect on the audience. Without the high intense action signs goes deeper and concentrates more with felling and emotions as you would expect from the director of the Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Signs shows the dread in human emotion for the fear of the unknown, building up tension and suspense of what’s round the corner, always keeping you gusing.  The film has Graham discarding his fate but you could say the signs are not just the crop signs but there are also signs from god maybe as a test of faith.



The film is not so much a horror but for though a little jumpy I wouldn’t recommend. Signs has you following the story from start to finish rather then you been able to predict what will happen. I would say the film is 5 stars but the ending is only a 3. The ending is really good and finishes the film off brilliant, but with such a thriller I would have expected a more in-depth ending.


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