My Video/Image Release Form

In Creative Industries we have been discussing what we will need if we are to work withing this industry, In this post I have posted my video release form. A video release form is a a simple legal agreement that gives you the right to use the recording of video, Photograph or sound recording of a person/s who have sign the form. This protects you legally if the person decided they do not what or have not give you permission to use there image.

Video/Image Release Form

I _________________________ give my permission to Mr. Cameron David Bland to videotape, photograph, record, me, my name, voice and/or likeness. I also give the full rights and proceeds of these Video Recording, photographed images and recordings of me, my name, voice and/or likeness in any form digital/film or print to Mr. Cameron David Bland. I also authorize Mr. Cameron David Bland his licensees and assignees the right to use, edit, copy and distribute (Charitable or committal) in whichever way they wish in any and all forms/formats.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the contents of this agreement prior to the signing; I also declare that I am of legal age and that the agreement is irrevocable.

Print Name:______________________



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