Studio Brief 2 – Examples

Here are a few examples of photo montages, as you can see I am inspired by the unrealistic fantasy montages.

In each of these images there is a dramatic use of colour to enhance the mood of the image, an i feel this colour may even cover up some of the blemishes an imperfections that may have occured whilst editing it together. The first image is of a fiery, there is a unusually large moon wich emphasised the fantasie style of the image with the use of a cloud effect in the back ground with a small light wich signifies some sort of glitter of hope.

The second image follows the same sort of style with dark colours and random things within the image, as this is an image montage it is made up of several images so the mysteriousness of the image can cover up and justify the reason for things being within the image. as with all the images there not meant to be straight forwards there ment to make you stop and stare to figure out whats going on, thats the idea behind them.

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