500 word Film Analysis

Saving Privet Ryan

Contextual and Theoretical Studies

Production: Film Analysis

Date: 19/10/2010

Saving Privet Ryan

One of my most favourite films of all time is Saving Privet Ryan (1998), it is a very graphic world war two, film set on Omaha beach on the 6th of June 1944; giving a very explicit representation of event that happened on D-day. It is around 160mins long and has a very linear storey line about a set of soldiers on a mission to save sergeant privet Ryan the last surviving son of Misses Ryan. The main part of the film I am going to write about is the main opening scene that set the atmosphere for the rest of the film.

The opening scene is very dark and calm, being dark like a ‘dark day’ if it was to be a happier scene then it world be very light and butterflies flying around the typical generics ect. The very calmness of the start of the scene is using the concept of the old proverb ‘the calm before the storm’ it is very calm ready for the devastation that is about to occur.

A lot about making a film and getting the authentic feeling of the film is not what you are filming but how you film it. The opening shots shows a close up of a soldiers hand shaking; the effect of the close up shot is create a connection between the viewer and the person in the shot to make the viewer aware and even feel the emotions running though the soldier. Following the close up the camera pans out whiles panning out a new character appears into the shot showing how agitated and anxious the soldiers are because of the ordeal they are about to face. One of the traumatic effects of front line combat was the effect of shell shock were an explosion would cause disorientation to a soldier, to express this in the film Steven Spielberg slows down the camera action and plays an almost like wind blowing noise to represent the confusion. The film company didn’t really use the standard 180 rule whiles filming as this was a war film they wanted the viewer to be but it the prospective of the soldier they used very obscure shot and also use some hand held cameras to give the confusion of battle.

Steven Spielberg was congratulated by ex-war veterans for the authenticity of the film; they said it was an accurate representation of how the war was like, the opening scene also voted “the best battle scene of all time” by Empire Magazine. He also received best director award for Saving Privet Ryan and the film was nominated for various other award such as best Picture and best original screen play.



http://www.channel4.com/history/microsites/H/history/e-h/film-saving.html (Reviewed by Matthew Reynolds)

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