Studio Brief 1

The images are for studio brief 1, I have taken these at the royal armoires museum and the Leeds city museum in the centre of leeds. On the day I took many photographs but these ones are the ones that particularly appealed to me the most. The first image is of a big serving plate and in the centre is a Roman empirer.

This image I chose in particular as it is full of story but yet still full of mysteries as well, it is cropped very close to show the particular detail of the plate itself.

The next Image is of  a Roman Building, it is just a model about a metre long but in this image it almost looks real, using the macro function on the camera to capture detail.

The third image is of the electric press a old 1800’s building that has been renovated and is now a eating facility what i like about this image is that i have captured the lighter areas and the shaded areas and still kept them both correctly exposed which is quite difficult to achieve.

The close upp image of the leaf i like the most because of the detail, it has a nice colour rage that are pleasant on the eye. This image can be easily edited in photoshop to enhance or change these colours.

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